Supporting customerquality through technological capabilityand providing the worldwith products friendlyto the global environment.

Development of high-efficiency, high-quality parts for responding to advanced needs

Daiwa Kasei mainly produces wire harness clamps and interior/exterior clips for automobiles. Our products are used by numerous automotive manufacturers including Toyota Motor Corporation. Although each one of our products is small, approximately 200 of our products are used in a single automobile.

Clamps and clips are mainly used to fasten automotive parts. Work performed to fasten approximately 200 parts can take up a large amount of labor time in automobile manufacturing. Consequently, in an automotive industry that involves global competition in terms of quality and price competitiveness, productivity is an important issue. However, design and development capability is required in order to balance productivity with quality.

Provision of optimum solutions to meet user needs

Example for the development of cushion clips for doors.
Based on customer needs for easier assembly, we developed new clips with soft cushioning and a plastic attachment mechanism which is easier to insert into the body.

02-(1) CAD-CAE analysis product design

We use cutting-edge software to meet challenges and realize rapid conversion of ideas into products.

We constantly embrace the challenge of product development using new ideas. Advanced CAD software and CAE analysis software are essential for quickly and efficiently implementing new ideas that are created in the minds of our designers. Daiwa Kasei will continue to value human ideas and take on the challenge of product development utilizing software.

02-(2) Quality and environmental undertakings

Introduction of solar power generation equipment (200 kW)

Daiwa Kasei has adopted reusable natural energy (solar power generation equipment) as one step in the alleviation of global warming. It is our aim to become an environmentally-conscious company by means such as implementing energy-saving measures in production equipment and making use of natural sources of energy.

02-(3) Introduction to products

Although small, our components are used in various locations.

We manufacture automobile small components such as wire harness clamps and interior/exterior clips that are used by many manufacturers in Japan. Please take a look at Daiwa Kasei products that support the industry leading the world.

Wiring Harness Clamps And Protectors

For Cabin

Belt clamps

Tape clamps

Connector clamps

Push in clamps

For Chassis

Clamps and protectors for ABS

For Engine Compartment

Corrugated clamps

For Under Floor

Under floor protectors


For Interior

Cluster clips

Cushion clips for interior

Clips for instrument panel

Trim clips

For Exterior

Clips for over fender

Plug holes

Clips for bumper

For Interior And Exterior

Two-piece panel clips

For Door

Cushion clips for door

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