❶ Management philosophy

Company Credo ”Harmony”

Not only harmony within the company,but also the integration of harmony on a broaders scale is essential. In other words,integration that is based on family harmony leads to the development of the company,the local community, and international society. It is this concept that is the fundamental spirit of our company.

Long-term Themes

"We train and protect people."
"Conversation and participation"

Our goal is to develop truly talented people who accept the spirit of harmony, can mutually converse and participate with others, and can contribute to the society.

Philosophy of the Company Founder, Hamakichi Kojima

”Our company credo does not embrace the concept of expanding the size of our company, but does embrace consistent manufacturing of good products.”
The founder wrote this in his notebook and overcame countless difficulties and hardships. This philosophy lives on in the current Daiwa Kasei.

Philosophy of the Company Founder, Hamakichi Kojima (Written by the founder himself)

❷ Corporate Profile

Name Daiwa Kasei Industry Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1 Aza Kamihirachi, Hobo-cho, Okazaki-shi, Aichi 444-0004
Tel: 0564-47-3011 
Fax: 0564-47-3616
Nukata Plant 9-1 Hosokugo, Katayose-cho, Okazaki-shi, Aichi 444-3616
Tel: 0564-85-0180 
Fax: 0564-81-0181
Establishment July 28, 1972
Capital 90 million yen
Sales volume 20.8billon yen(2020 Fiscal Year)
Employee 414(As of May 2021)
Site area 30,213㎡(Head Office) 65,534㎡(Nukata Plant)
Building area 6,277㎡(Head Office) 6,656㎡(Nukata Plant)
Main customers - Automobile manufacturers
Toyota Motor Corporation
Suzuki Motor Corporation Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

- Wiring harness manufacturers
Yazaki Corporation
Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.
Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc.

- Interior manufacturers
Toyota Boshoku Corporation
DaikyoNishikawa Corporation
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
Affiliated companies Kojima Group (33 companies including Kojima Industries Corporation)
Officers Representative Director and President: Eiji Kojima
Senior Managing Director:Yuji Matsuura
Senior Managing Director(Standing):Kenji Kanii
Director :Katsuhiko Banno
Director :Shuichi Hazama
Auditor :Takashi Kojima
Auditor:Masaaki Oda

❸ History

July 1972 Established from Wakamiya Kogyo K.K. as a specialized manufacturer of clamps under Kojima Industries Corporation (5-38 Shimobayashi-cho, Toyota-shi)
1976 Introduced injection molding machines and launched plastic clamp production.
1981 Plant relocated to 1 Aza Kamihirachi, Hobo-cho, Okazaki-shi.
1982 Short Shot Detector developed.
1983 Compressed air operated molding machine developed.
1988 Plant for senior citizens, Flex Campus Co., Ltd. established
DA. INC. established in Indiana, U.S.A.
1990 Won Kyohokai Award for Excellence for Cost Improvements
1994 Compact molding machine for mass production (DMI) developed.
1995 DAT established in Bangkok, Thailand.
1996 First orders received from Suzuki Motor Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.
1997 ISO9001 accreditation acquired.
1999 QS9000 accreditation acquired.
2000 DAE established in Leeds, U.K.
First orders received from Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Prius battery case developed.
ISO14001 accreditation acquired.
2001 Won the Toyota Technology and Development Award
2003 DAC established in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
2005 Won the TPM Award for Excellence, Class-2
2007 ISO/TS16949 accreditation acquired.
2008 DA. INC (U.S.A.) established Santa Teresa Plant in New Mexico,USA.
Won TPM Award for Excellence in Consistent Commitment.
2009 Won the Award for Energy-saving Equipment Aichi Qualty Company certified.
2011 Solar power generation system introduction(200kwh)
2012 Won the TPM Award for Special Prize
2013 DAI established in Uttar Pradesh, India
2015 DAE relocated to Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
2017 Established Nukata Plant.

Nukata Plant started operation in August, 2017

❹ Employee welfare activities

Free Lunch Service

The most remarkable employee welfare initiative of Daiwa Kasei is our free lunch service. Employees can select their favorite meal from choices including a daily lunch set, rice bowls, noodles, and Japanese curry with rice. Tea, coffee, juice, and other free beverages are available.

Recreation and celebrating milestones

Our company holds periodic sports tournaments. We also have a family-like corporate culture for celebrating important milestones in the lives of our employees. On birthdays, employees are presented with cookies and cakes from our friendship association. Celebratory meals are held for special occasions such as coming-of-age ceremonies and marriages. Our employee welfare activities include discounted movie tickets and a gas station located on company premises.

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