To ensure the supply of components with even greater speed matched to the global strategies of automobile manufacturers in Japan, Daiwa Kasei has established manufacturing bases in countries around the world. We have a base in the Netherlands serving Europe, one base each in Thailand, China, and India in Asia, and two bases in the U.S.A., totaling six bases in five countries.

❶ D.A.Inc (DA)


Location Indiana, U.S.A.
Establishment December 1988
Employee 29(1personnel posted from Japan)
Main tel +1-812-503-2302
Website http://www.daiwa-da.com/
Capital 600,000 dollars
Main customers Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas
Yazaki North America
Sumitomo Electric Wiring System
Delphi Automotive
Toyoda Gosei
Johnson Controls


Location New Mexico, U.S.A.
Establishment January 2008
Employee 64(1personnel posted from Japan)
Main tel +1-575-874-3352

❷ Daiwa Kasei(Thailand)Co.,Ltd (DAT)

Location Ayutthaya, Thailand
Establishment September 1995
Employee 270(4 personnel posted from Japan)
Capital 109.5 million bahts
Main tel +66-35-8009-5663
Main customers Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering & Manufacturing
Thai Arrow Products
Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems(Thailand)
Toyoda Gosei(Thailand)
JTEKT Automotive(Thailand)

❸ Daiwa Kasei Europe B.V.(DAE)

Location Rotterdam, the Netherland
Establishment February 2015
Employee 8 (1personnel posted from Japan)
Business Sales liaison for Europe
Capital 277,134.98euro
Production base OEM production(France and Poland)
Main tel +31-10-282-1270
Main customers Yazaki Europe
Sumitomo Electoric Wiring System(Europe)
FCI Connectors Hungary
W.E.T. Automotive System

❹ 東莞大和化成汽車零配件有限公司(DAC)

Location Guangdong, China
Establishment May, 2003
Employee 209(2 personnel posted from Japan)
Capital 600 million yen
Main tel +86-769-8342-0708
Website http://daiwa-dac.cn/
Main customers Guangzhou Toyota Motor
Tianjin Toyota Motor
Guangzhou Intex Auto Parts
Fushan Shunde Yazaki Auto Parts
Yantai Yazaki Automotive Parts
Huizhou Zhurun Wiring Systems
Dalian Harada Industry
Toyoda Gosei(Foshan)Auto Parts
Dongguan Yokowo

❺ Daiwa Kasei India Private Limited(DAI)

Location Uttar Pradesh, India
Establishment April 2013(schedule)
Employee 8(1 personnel posted from Japan)
Main tel +91-120-2397-668
Capital 1,000,000Rs
Main customers Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.
Minda Furukawa Electric Private Limited

❻ PT.Kojima Auto Technology Indonesia (KATI)

Location Bukasi, Indonesia
Establishment January, 2013
Employee 36(2personnel posted from Japan)
Capital 400,000 dollars
Main tel +62-21-897-2294
Main customers Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia
Sugity Creatives
Autocomp Systems Indonesia(YZK)
Sumi Indo Wiring Systems(SWS)

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