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03 Making Our Production Equipment | Introduction to equipment

We develop original equipment in-house to realize space and energy-savings

Daiwa Kasei develops many space and energy-saving devices and machines. In addition, as well as providing the flexibility to cope with ideas to promote efficiency improvement of automobile production, our original equipment developed in-house is one of our great strengths.

Equipment (1) Compact low-pressure molding machine using the time-differential injection method

Through in-house equipment development, we have realized a capacity of molding machine reduced to 150 tons from conventionally required 350 tons. This means that reduction in the required footprint from 13.3 m2 to 2.9m2. The energy conservation realized thanks to this groundbreaking size reduction and compactness resulted in Daiwa Kasei being presented with the Energy-saving Award for Excellence in 2008.

It was the invention of the “time-differential injection” molding method that made it possible to realize an energy-saving machine. This method comprises two separate time-differentiated injections, resulting in a reduction in mold clamping force by 80%.

As mold-clamping force is calculated by the formula “area x pressure,” the single injection method requires significant area and pressure, resulting in large size and the expenditure of high pressure. The 2-injection approach results in realization of major reductions in size and energy conservation. (The principle of mold-clamping pressure reduction achieved by the 2-injection approach is illustrated below.)

Equipment (2) Packing outsert molding machine

As a solution for problems that “an additional packing assembly process is required for clamps that needed a waterproofing function” and that “the packing falls during distribution,” we developed equipment that enabled implementation of this process by machine. This effectively eliminated costs for manual packing assembly processes by workers and also eliminated burr, underfill and poor injection, enabling realization of stable injection.

Equipment (3) Table-top molding machine

Based on the Daiwa Kasei concept of “making our production equipment,” we are actively pursuing the ideal production system matched to products, production volumes and materials. A typical example is this “Table-top molding machine.” From a situation where the minimum molding machine capability was 10 clamps, we developed a specialized machine able to mold single clamps. Since we receive many requests from clients for small lot production, this is a truly groundbreaking device that realizes energy and space conservation as well as cost reductions.


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