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03 Making Our Production Equipment | Improving production system efficiency

Daiwa Kasei received the TPM Award for Excellence in Consistent Commitment and has won high acclaim from the association for its TPM.

[About TPM]

Proposed by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance in 1971, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is defined as construction of mechanism, on-site and with actual products, that targets business constitutions committed to the dedicated pursuit of production system efficiency (comprehensive efficiency improvement) by preventing all kinds of losses through measures such as zero accidents, zero defects and zero breakdowns throughout the entire production system life cycle, ultimately eliminating all losses through the overlapping small group activities in which all staff members from top management to personnel on the front line throughout all departments, including development, marketing and management, participate.

Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance

[TPM Activities Policy]

(1) Product making that brings joy to our customers and is unrivalled by other companies through our new product development and manufacturing methods.

(2) Realization of a showroom plant that will impress visitors.

(3) Reduction of product costs and administrative losses through implementation of “groundbreaking cost reduction activities” that will bring the company success.

(4) Cultivation of technology and engineers and realization of the ideal workplace environment.

Daiwa Kasei has realized a showroom plant with constant attention to appearance that is always ready for visitors wishing to tour the facility.

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