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03 Making Our Production Equipment

The only way to turn ideas into products is to manufacture production equipment yourself. This is the very starting point of our product making that knows no bounds.

Major progress in the realization of extreme energy-saving efficiency and space conservation is not possible using commercially-available equipment. We manufacture original equipment in-house to enhance the competitiveness of our products. The aims of in-house original equipment development are to realize “labor-saving and unmanned production” and “equipment with absolutely no surplus functions.”

Equipment developed in-house also meets intricate needs. Our approach of developing original equipment in-house gives us the unique flexibility we need to cope, for example, with differentiation of machine usage to match ordered quantities and development of packaging machines matched to product packaging methods.

Although our equipment may sometimes have a hand-made feel, this is where product making begins and it is this that contributes to the uniqueness of Daiwa Kasei, a company that manufacture superb equipment that no-one else can emulate.

Acquisition of TPM qualification (enhanced production system efficiency)

TPM is an approach designed to realize enhanced efficiency of production systems companywide, and relevant assessments and commendations are carried out by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. Daiwa Kasei has won high acclaim from the institute and was presented with the TPM Award for Special Prize

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Promotion of energy-saving equipment

Conferred with the Energy Conservation Grand Prize Award

Our original equipment has also been acclaimed by the industry. Let us introduce our “compact low-pressure molding machine using the time-differential injection method” that received the Energy Conservation Grand Prize Award

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Introduction to equipment

Let us describe some of typical examples of equipment where we have achieved “labor-saving and unmanned production” and “elimination of all surplus functions.”
This “Under-fill detector” is also a device unique to Daiwa Kasei and enables fully-automated realization of quality improvements.

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  • 01Product Making at Daiwa Kasei
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