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02 Products We Produce | Quality and environmental undertakings

We have acquired ISO accreditation for both Quality and the Environment.


Acquisition of quality management system for the automotive industry “ISO/TS16949” accreditation

ISO/TS16949 is a management system standard required for suppliers of products comprising automobiles (or motorbikes) by automobile (or motorbike) manufacturers to satisfy requirements relating to quality, delivery and other elements.

[Quality Policy]

I. To fulfill customer requirements “Quality objectives” without fail and promote “activities aimed at acquisition of new orders.”

II. To embody “achievement of customer requirements” based on TS16949, implement process and product FMEA to address defects, improve failure modes and set and monitor control items.

III. To implement “analysis and improvement on-site and with actual product” to promote “pursuit of zero-defects” in accordance with quality maintenance activities.

IV. To monitor process construction status in accordance with APQP.



Acquisition of environmental management system “ISO14001” accreditation

[Environmental Policy]

<Basic philosophy>
With respect for the inestimable value of the Earth, we believe that management and employees must work hand in hand to realize our mission of ensuring a healthy global environment for the next generation by showing consideration for the environment and striving to preserve the environment to the best of our abilities

<Environmental policy>
As a specialized manufacturer of automotive components, Daiwa Kasei will strive to harmonize with the rich, green global environment by undertaking continuous improvements to reduce impact on the environment by eliminating losses throughout all processes in the course of its business activities and will promote environmental-preservation activities to gain the trust of stakeholders around the world.


Introduction of photovoltaic power generation equipment (200 kW) in February 2011

Daiwa Kasei has adopted reusable natural energy (photovoltaic power generation equipment) as one step in the alleviation of global warming. It is our aim to become an environmentally-conscious company by means such as implementing energy-saving measures in production equipment and making use of natural sources of energy.

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