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01 Product Making at Daiwa Kasei

We incorporate the enormous potential of our product making and hope for the children who will support the world of tomorrow into our small components for automobiles.

We are dedicated to the creation of an ever safer, more convenient and richer society through small components that are the driving force behind world-class leading automobile manufacturers in Japan. To achieve this, we have undertaken to build a system that will enable us to meet the advanced needs of our client automobile manufacturers.

To realize the speed and quality in component production and achieve short work time needed to win out over international competition, we attach great importance to the concept represents the very starting point of “product making.” This idea is embodied in our approach of “making our production equipment.” In these days when it is so easy to leave “produce something” to machines, rather than simply putting ourselves in the hands of machines, our approach is to actually make those machines ourselves.

Product making at Daiwa Kasei is broadly divided into two flows. The first of these is the flow to design and develop “products we produce” (i.e. product development) and the second is the flow to “making our production equipment.” This is the flow of production equipment development. These flows can be thought of as two ideas: The idea for the product itself and the idea for development of the equipment needed to realize the product. It is when these two flows work together in optimum harmony that the very best products that embody the Daiwa Kasei concept of “product making” are born.

Product making at Daiwa Kasei

  • 01 Product Making at Daiwa Kasei
  • 02 Products We Produce
  • 03 Making Our Production Equipment

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